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Before the advent of cars and other vehicles, people used horses to get around. In addition, almost everyone learned to care for and ride a horse.

Today, horseback riding has become a recreational activity. Horse Riding is the totality of the steps needed to properly treat a horse. That is why it is advisable to spend time with the horse, to approach him, to offer it an apple or a carrot, to groom it, to know how to put the saddle and the bridle, all these things that may seem trivial but are skills essentials that will help you learn and understand horses and stay safe when you get on the saddle.

The riding equipment consists of long trousers and tights, closed boots or slippers, a protective back vest, gloves and a riding hat. The ideal age at which children can ride is 5-6 years, as the main requirement is that the little ones can reach the stirrups with their feet and the ponies can ride even the little ones 2 years old.

Horseback riding is a great opportunity to have fun outdoors, stimulate your creativity and protect yourself from stress.


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