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Welcome to Bucovina!

Obcinile Bucovinei are a subunit of the Eastern Carpathians, located on the territory of Suceava County. Here are three categories: Obcina Mestecanis, Obcina Feredeu and Obcina Mare. If we were to choose only a few of the most inviting regions for hiking and recreation, of course, the Obcinile Bucovinei would be among the first places. Obcina Mare is one of the most spectacular in Bucovina. Nature has created here a magnificent landscape in which the mountain peaks are easily accessible for hiking. Each season has its own show. The winter lasts the longest and the snow envelops the mountains and valleys in white, and the forests are made of ice crystals. Spring returns with its fresh greenery, with the sounds of birds and dewdrops on the buds that are just forming on the hills. Summer is usually late, but it spreads multicolored through the orchards and the scent of flowers and the aroma of resins invite you to meditative rest and hike on the paths hidden by deep forests. Summer stops for a moment and then leaves autumn with a multicolored carpet of leaves and fog that rises every morning towards the air.

We, Palma Horse Riding, are located in the heart of Bucovina, on top of the mountain in the area called Palma. The area is very accessible, being a crossing point between Sucevita Monastery and Moldovita Monastery. This area is a town with a lot of positive energy and has a historical origin. In this city there is the Drumarilor Monument, which is almost 7 meters high, representing a hand – a symbol of work, but also of strength – directed towards the sky.

The Palma monument in Pasul Ciumârna was erected in 1968, at the end of the works on the road that connects Sadova to Rădăuţi. There is a legend that says that in the 60’s, two teams of workers started the construction of the road in both directions, and after eight years of hard work, the road workers finished the road, and at the point where they met they shook hands.

Bucovina is worth discovering!